The Numbers Game

Football has always been a numbers game: 4-4-2, the big number 9 and 3 points for a win. But what if up until now we've been focusing on the wrong numbers? Read more.

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In the News

The Guardian
Dave and Chris took a look at football club takeover activity in the Premier League for the Guardian Read the analysis here

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Chris spoke with Martin Amrein from the Swiss daily NZZ about "Big Data in Football: The Formula For Success". Read more here

MIT Sports Analytics Conference 2015
Chris spoke as a panelist at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston March 2015. Read more here

Focus Magazin
Chris spoke to Pierre Winkler from German newsmagazine Focus about Borussia Dortmund's unlucky season Read the story here

Pacific Standard
Noah Davis from Pacific Standard Magazine talked to David about how uncertainty affects and enhances the games we watch Read the interview here

New York TImes
John Tierney's "Science" column in the NYT took a look at luck and chance in soccer, with reference to The Numbers Game Read the story here

Ansa Magazine (Brazil)
David spoke with Ansa Magazin in Brazil about political stability and a new generation of Colombian players Read the story here

Chris spoke with Hana Glasser from Slate about the concept and statistic of "possession" in football, and what it really means Read the story here

Neil Paine from took at look at what analytics can teach us about soccer, calling The Numbers Game "the definitive volume on statistical analysis in soccer" Read the story here

BBC Business Daily
Chris spoke with Manuela Saragosa from the BBC World Service about football statistics and the World Cup Listen to the interview here

The Atlantic
Olga Khazan of spoke with Chris about the connection between height and football performance Read the story here

Chris spoke with Deutschland Radio about football, statistics, and The Numbers Game ("Die Wahrheit liegt auf dem Platz") Read or listen to the story here
The popular German sports website mentioned the German version of The Numbers Game ("Die Wahrheit liegt auf dem Platz" in a story about "The Future of Football" Read the story here

Qué Pasa
Chris spoke with Sebastián Rivas from Qué Pasa magazine about football statistics and the World Cup. Read the story here

Futbol i Statystyki: The Numbers Game in Polish
The Polska Times reported on the publication of The Numbers Game in Poland You can read the story here

NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Dave also gave an interview to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation You can find the story here

Norwegian Edition of The Numbers Game
Dave was in Olso for the release of Tallenes Tale, the Norwegian edition of The Numbers Game You can read the interview here

The Guardian
Tim Lewis from The Guardian talked to Chris about "How computer analysts took over at Britain's top football clubs." Read the story here

The Telegraph
The Telegraph's story about Argentina's World Cup preparations quoted Chris about the value of good goalkeeping Read the story here

Wired Magazine
Chris spoke to João Medeiros from Wired Magazine about the growing trend in data analytics in football. Read the story here

Footballers Football Show
Dave Jones and Sky Sports invited Chris, Sam Allardyce, and Damien Comolli to discuss the state of football analytics on the Footballers Football Show You can watch some excerpts here

Esquire Magazine
Will Hersey from Esquire Magazine took at look at the pattern we identify in The Numbers Game that defenders don't win the Ballon D'Or Read the story here

Sky Sports
In a recent analysis, Sky Sports' Ian Watson took a look at the "Value of a Keeper", drawing on some ideas Chris spoke about on Sky Sports Read the story here

Newstalk Off The Ball
Chris recently chatted with Ireland's NewsTalk 106-108FM about "Big Sam" Allardyce, the current West Ham manager and his interest in analytics Read the story here


Chris spoke with CNN about Billy Beane's appointment as an advisor to Dutch Eredivisie club AZ Alkmaar Read the story here

The Guardian
Seeking to establish the value of an individual player in a team sport like rugby, The Guardian discusses The Numbers Game Read the story here

Irish Times
Chris spoke with Andy McGeady, a writer for the Irish Times, about the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston Read the story here

Manchester Evening News
Chris spoke with Alex Bell, business reporter for the Manchester Evening News, about football analytics and the upcoming Soccerex conference in Manchester Read the story here

At the recent Elite Minds in Sport Analytics Summit, Chris spoke with CNN's John Sinnott about football clubs, the transfer market, and Big Data Read the story here

Chris was interviewed by the Brazilian weekly Época about what statistics can and cannot explain Read it here

Chris discussed luck, weak links, and The Numbers Game on CNN International's World of Sport Watch an excerpt here

David discussed The Numbers Game as part of a Deadspin chat Read his answers on Brendan Rodgers, WAGs, and coaching here

BBC Sport
Chris was quoted in a BBC Sport story on finding value in the transfer market Read here Brazil
This video provides a great summary of The Numbers Game in Portuguese, featuring the book's translator André Fontenelle Click here
Se você estivesse olhando para um pequeno resumo do "Os Números do Jogo", isso é muito bom" Clique aqui

Os Números do Jogo
We are thrilled The Numbers Game has appeared in Brazil as "Os Números do Jogo" Click here for the Brazilian edition

Gelf Magazine
Chris and Dave spoke with Gelf Magazine's David Goldenberg about soccer analytics You can read the interview here

Men In Blazers
Michael Davies and Rogert Bennett, aka Men In Blazers, discussed The Numbers Game with David on their SiriusXM radio show More here

BBC News
The BBC News Magazine asked "Does it make statistical sense to sack a football manager?" David helped provide some answers Read here

The Anfield Wrap
David and Chris had a great time telling the guys from The Anfield Wrap about The Numbers Game You can listen here

BBC Radio 4
David talked to BBC Radio 4's program "More Or Less" about football managers - how much they matter and when to fire them Listen here

Penguin Podcast
As part of this month's Science theme, the Penguin Podcast's Paul Martinovic talked to us about football statistics and The Numbers Game Listen here

San Francisco Chronicle
Alan Black of the SF Chronicle took a look at The Numbers Game and asked if geeks are infiltrating soccer You can read his take here

New Books in Sports
We had a lengthy conversation about soccer and numbers, and about The Numbers Game with New Books in Sports You can listen to the full discussion here

Irish TImes Podcast
Chris talked to the Irish Times' Second Captains podcast about the use of data analytics in football You can listen to the discussion on iTunes (from August 1) here

The Tomkins Times
We did a Sports Book Chat with Paul Grech for The Tomkins Times, a Liverpool-centered online magazine Read it here

Soccer Morning
David spoke with Soccer Morning radio about The Numbers Game You can listen here

New York TImes
Jack Bell of the Times explains what The Numbers Game is about You can read the story here

Sports Illustrated
Before the U.S. launch of The Numbers Game, we sat down to chat with Grant Wahl on the SI Soccer Podcast Listen to the program here


SB Nation
Chris spoke with Bill Connelly of SB Nation about German football and the Bundesliga in "How To Bayern in 11 Steps". Read the story here

Chris joined Ian Danter and former Stoke City defender Danny Higginbotham to discuss The Numbers Game. Listen to the program here

RTE Game On
We talked about soccer and numbers with Damien O'Meara on RTE's Game On broadcast Listen to the program here

BBC World Service Sportshour
We enjoyed our chat with Caroline Barker on the BBC World Sportshour Listen to the program here

Irish Examiner
Chris spoke with Michael Moynihan from the Irish Examiner Read the story here

New Statesman
Simon Kuper wrote an in-depth review of The Numbers Game Read it here

Review in the Tomkins Times
Zach Slaton reviewed The Numbers Game for the Tomkins Times You can read the review here

Sky Sports
Adam Bate of Sky Sports took a look at The Numbers Game. Read the review

Cisco Technology
David spoke with Kevin Maney from Cisco's Technology News Site about soccer and data Read the story here

The Independent
Read Simon Redfern's review of The Numbers Game in the Independent. Read the review

The Guardian
Sean Ingle of the Guardian reviewed The Numbers Game. Read the review

BBC Radio 4 Today
Chris spent a few minutes discussing The Numbers Game with BBC Radio 4's Justin Webb and Alison Kervin of the Mail on Sunday. Listen in

GQ carried our pre-Champions League final preview Read more

The Times Books
Ed Smith, author of "Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters" reviewed The Numbers Game for the Times of London. Read more

The Times
The Times excerpted from our forthcoming book The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Football Is Wrong. Read more

BBC Technology News
Chris was quoted by the BBC in an article on the use of data in football: Read more

Irish Examiner
Chris was quoted in the Irish Examiner: Read more

Sky Sports
Chris was quoted by Sky Sports: See the story here.

Sports Analytics Innovation Summit
Chris presented at the London Sports Analytics Innovation Summit, March 21-22.
Go to Summit site.
Chris and David spoke to about football analytics. Read the interview here.

MIT News
"There is nothing like on-base percentage in soccer", MIT News quotes Chris See the story here.

Sloan Conference
Chris spoke as a panelist at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston March 2013. Read more.

Chris took time to chat with ESPN's Five Aside Blog.
Read more.

Wall Street Journal
Anderson likens a soccer manager to the CEO of public corporation because they have many more responsibilities...
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