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Chris Anderson advises on football club investments and helps owners build successful teams in the face of global competition for talent. Read more ›

Chris has extensive experience in football club M&A with a focus on due diligence and strategic planning and specializes in architecting football club organizations and managing them, using analytics to drive evidence-based management.

Chris has driven strategic initiatives and operational excellence in football management across clubs in Europe and North America. His operational experience includes serving as club CEO as well as long-serving advisor to a multi-club network.

An award-winning researcher and frequent industry commentator, Chris has taught at leading institutions including Oxford, Cornell, and Northwestern and is currently a professor at the London School of Economics. Co-author of the pioneering football analytics book “The Numbers Game” with David Sally, his insights on analytics and Big Data are highly sought after in the world of high-performing organizations.

David Sally is an innovative strategist and problem-solver. His unique perspective on football has helped numerous clients make the right investment, hire the right manager, and find the right player. Read more ›

After graduating from Harvard University, David began his career as a consultant at Bain and Company in Boston and later as a strategic planning manager at Avon Products in New York. He went on to earn a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As one of the initial behavioral economists, David's research in behavioral game theory gained widespread recognition and informed his acclaimed teaching of negotiations and leadership courses at Cornell's Johnson School and Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, where he received multiple awards for his innovative instruction.

Co-founder of Anderson Sally LLC, David is a noted author and adviser on football and negotiation. He is co-author of "The Numbers Game", which has been translated into a dozen other languages. In 2020, he published "One Step Ahead: The Art and Science of Negotiation," a book Kirkus Reviews called “a deep, thoughtful master class on the 'negotiation game.”

His mission is to help football clients see beyond tradition, the normal, and the rote to find sustainable competitive advantage, more goals, more clean sheets, and more victories.

Anderson Sally partners with clients to help them acquire and manage sports properties. We help you determine the right valuation for football assets. Once acquired, we help you make better decisions and translate decisions into actions. We are passionate about helping you win.

Our Philosophy

We started our company by asking questions. The answers we found drive our passion for helping people in football make better decisions on and off the field.

Winning starts with asking the right questions, but it also involves finding the right answers, and executing on what you find. To win, you need the best information, the right decision, and a plan.

We pursue answers in partnership with you. Our approach is rigorous, unemotional, open-minded, and innovative. We focus equally on the right answers and how to execute them effectively.

What We Do

We answer your football questions and help you solve football problems with the best intelligence and data available.

We advise football decision makers on how to make better decisions by questioning the data, going beyond conventional wisdom, and improving performance beyond what should be expected.

We are highly trained analysts and knowledgeable advisers with experience in clubs, management consulting, and Fortune 500 companies. We help you buy the right club, sign the right player, hire the right management team, and understand what the league table is really telling you.

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